Worship Ministries - every week for everyone: preaching, singing, and choir specials; Nursery Ministry for infants/toddlers and Children's Worship.

Christian Education

Sunday School (Teachers, Learners and Literature - all age groups)
Nursing Home SS Ministry
TeamKid - (Coaches, Learners and Literature from Nursery though sixth grade)
YouthJam & Youth Discipleship Night - Leaders and Literature for Teen evangelism, discipleship, training, and councel; Youth Retreats, Youth Mission Trips
Vacation Bible School
Adult Disciple opportunities
Orientation Classes
Leadership Training

Outreach - Visiting & Witnessing to the lost.

Publications - Weekly Bulletin & Monthly Newsletter

Spiritual Support

Prayer Ministry & Prayer Bulletin
Prayer Groups
Deacon Family Ministry
Senior Adult Ministry - (A support group, fellowship, activities, trips/retreat)

Support Ministries

Audio Ministry & Tape Ministry
Flower/Decorations Ministry
Recreational Ministry - (Adult softball and basketball)
Benevolent Ministry - (To the needy)
Meals for the Bereaved Families
Hospitality Ministry
Building and Grounds Ministry
Van Ministry
Ushers and Tally Ministry
Finance Ministry
Personnel and Nominations Ministry
Baptism Ministry

Special Events Ministries - i.e. Revival, Winter Bible Study, Christmas, Easter, Mother's Day, Graduates Day...etc.)

Mission Support Program - for over 5,000 Foreign Missionaries, 5,000 North American Missionaries, Missions support for NC Missions (i.e. Children's Home, Colleges, Retirement Homes, ...etc),

Local Missions and Ministry through our Baptist Association
Youth for Christ
Prison Ministries and other special ministries and missions

Pastoral Support Ministry

Hospital Visitation
Visiting Nursing Homes
Homebound Visitation
Jail Visitation
Crisis counseling
Premarital counseling
Marriage Ceremonies
Grief Support: Funeral Services
Encouragement and Fellowship




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