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Opportunities to Serve

“Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms. If anyone speaks, they should do so as one who speaks the very words of God. If anyone serves, they should do so with the strength God provides, so that in all things God may be praised through Jesus Christ.”

Spiritual Gifts

Every one of us is blessed with our own special gifts, even if we don’t yet know what yours might be. A spiritual gift means we all have something unique in us that we can use to serve and advance God’s kingdom in some way. Whether that is mercy, exhortation, discernment, administrative abilities, or something else. You can take a spiritual gifts test below to see what your spiritual gifts might be and gain some insight into each, along with some scripture! Download your results at the end so that you can go back and reference them later on!

Talents and Abilities

We all have talents in different areas, as well as our spiritual gifts. Talents are slightly different from our spiritual gifts. They could be anything from construction to crafting, to cooking, lawn mowing, photography, event coordination, musical talent, speaking a second language, being technologically savvy, working well with kids, and so much more. Making the decision to actively put our talents to use in serving the Kingdom of God is one of the most rewarding, and helpful things you can do as a believer in the church. What would the church be, if it was filled with so many talented and gifted individuals, but no one put those gifts to great use? How would we ever grow and advance God’s kingdom?

Serving in the Church

Once you know, or have a solid idea of what your spiritual gifts are, and what your talents and abilities are, it can help you to make a more clear, intentional, and exciting step toward finding a place to serve in the church. At Starnes Cove, we have so many amazing, dedicated, individuals that serve in many different areas throughout our church, and we are always looking for more dedicated volunteers, committee members, and others that would love to be a very involved part of building the local church.

Opportunities to Serve

There are so many areas where you can use your spiritual gifts and talents within the church, and to help the advancement of the Kingdom. Below are some of the many areas we might have available to serve, here at Starnes Cove:

  • The church nursery

  • Teaching a Sunday School class

  • Serving in the Kid’s Cove Ministry

  • Serving as a Youth Leader in the Youth Ministry

  • Serving on the Hospitality Team (cooking & serving meals for churchwide events)

  • Parking Lot Team

  • Security Team

  • Event set up & take down

  • Being a member of the finance committee

  • Serving in the Service Ministry (local hands-on mission projects)

  • Serving on the church’s Social Media Outreach team

  • Building and grounds maintenance

  • The church Praise Team

  • Wednesday Night Supper Teams

  • The Great Commission Team

  • The church decorating team

  • Serving as an usher

  • Serving on the Audio Visual Team

  • Singing in the choir

  • Leading a small group

  • Groundskeeping

  • Volunteering at seasonal & outreach events

  • Bereavement team

  • Benevolence team

  • Serving in the church library

  • Serving on the church Photography Team

  • Prayer Ministry Team

  • And so many more!

Sounds Great, So What's the Next Step?

  1. You can take the spiritual gifts test if you aren’t sure what your spiritual gifts might be, then fill out the Service Interests Form above to help us learn more about what your passions and talents might be. Also, think about where the Lord might be calling you to serve and pray for Him to show you where you can make a difference. And lastly, consider your experience. Maybe you worked at or owned a landscaping company at some point in your life, or just love doing yardwork, therefore you might just be interested in helping the groundskeeping team. Or, maybe you love to cook and would love to help serve on the hospitality committee and cook for church events!

  2. Once you’ve completed those three things above, reach out to find out more about where there are needs in the church that you might be able to help serve using a combination of your spiritual gifts, talents, and passions, and we will work with you on finding the perfect place for you to be a part of building God’s Kingdom.

  3. We will provide you with some information on the opportunities that we have available relative to your strengths, passions, background, experience, and where you feel called, and we’ll put you in contact with the people that lead up those different ministries within the church, so you can get more detailed info about those teams or committees and get a better idea of what it looks like to serve in these positions.

  4. Once you’ve had a chance to talk with those team leaders, and you’ve found somewhere that you think you’d love to serve in, you’ll be given the opportunity to try that position out on a Sunday, Wednesday, or event, whatever that specific area may be, and get a better feel for that position. If it is an area of service you’d love to pursue, you’ll be added to that roster of volunteers and will be provided additional training before we turn you loose! Don’t worry, we will help make sure you’re prepared! :)

  • What is the dress code like?
    You’ll find that we don’t have a very strict dress code. When you visit us, you’ll find some folks dressed up, wearing heels, dresses and suits, and you’ll also find some more dressed more dressy-casual, like in jeans and a sweater with sneakers, or a polo and jeans! Come as you are— we just want you here! 😊
  • Where should I park?
    We have two parking lots, one on either side of the church, and you can park in either one, and enter from downstairs, or upstairs at the main entrance. Whenever you get here, you’ll be greeted by ushers at the door. On Wednesday nights, most everyone parks in the larger parking lot (the one without the basketball goal), as the CrossTrainers Youth, and the Kids Cove children typically play in that area before church starts. 😊
  • What if I arrive late?
    We all run late occasionally, so don't feel bad! Satan seems to work his hardest on Sundays, trying to prevent you from making it to church- for any number of reasons. We all have those Sundays where it feels like it’s almost impossible to get the kids ready and out the door on time, or your alarm goes off a little later than you planned. 😊 If you end up being late, please come in and join us anyway! Our ushers will help you quietly come in and find a seat!
  • What type of music do you worship to?
    We have a mix of both hymns and contemporary music. Our choir leads our congregation in some hymns, and our praise team leads us in some more contemporary praise music! 🎵🎶
  • What is safety like?
    We have both a parking lot team who observes the parking lot throughout church services, as well as a security team who mans the entrances and keeps everyone safe.

Current Volunteer Needs

Diverse children's ministry at a baptist church

Nursery Rotation

We are currently looking for volunteers to add to our Sunday Nursery rotation… In this position, you’d be serving with one other person in the church nursery, on rotation, serving every 5 weeks. Serving in this capacity consists of caring for and playing with babies anywhere from 6 weeks old, to 2 years old, during our Sunday morning service, between 10:50am - 12pm. Serving in the church nursery is one of the most cherished & rewarding positions, & is greatly needed & appreciated. Please contact Laura Smathers, or call the church office with questions or to sign up (828-667-1193).

Man in Studio

Audio Visual Team

The church audio-visual team is in need of several volunteers to help with coordinating the music, slideshows, and recording of our live stream services on Sunday mornings. If you’re interested, please contact Shannon Fox or call the church office (828-667-1193).

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