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Starnes Cove Baptist Church Overhead View

Who We Are

In WNC, where Candler meets West Asheville, Starnes Cove Baptist Church is a place of worship made up of a body of believers of different ages, backgrounds, experiences, and walks of life. Since 1941, we’ve been a fixture in the Starnes Cove neighborhood, adapting and growing alongside it, witnessing new faces, homes, and even developments that shape our community’s landscape. It’s incredible to see how God’s hand is at work here, bringing new energy and life into our community, and blessing us with a front row seat to it all!

Our Mission

Our Mission is to worship God, to bring people to Christ and into a loving fellowship of believers, and to disciple them for service and ministry to others.

Our Vision

Our Vision, is to relationally evangelize our neighborhood, nation, & world, and coordinate our Gospel-driven discipleship while we update our context, all through refreshed church systems.

Who We Are Here At Starnes Cove Baptist

Our mission is crystal clear— we’re here to lift God up in everything that we do, help people find their way to Christ Jesus, and welcome them into a family that’s here to help love and support their growth and walk with the Lord, discipling them towards being able to lead others to Christ. We care about more than just attending church— our goal is to be the church wherever we are.


As for our vision, we are on a mission to connect with people right where they are— in our neighborhood, throughout WNC, across the country, and around the globe. Our goal? To share life, share faith, and grow together in a way that honors God, and is real. We’re currently in the middle of tweaking how we do church to make sure we’re up to date, and relevant with our community as it changes around us.

Image by Rosie Sun

There is a place for you here.

No matter who you are, or where you’ve been, there’s a spot here with your name on it. We’re one big family of sinners, united by our love for Jesus, and the common thread we all share— our need for a Savior. Whether you grew up in church, or are just now starting to ask questions about God, you are welcome here.

Whether you’ve begun to feel an unignorable pull to learn more about God, eternity, and your life’s purpose, or come back to church and rekindle your relationship with Christ and fellow believers, our hope is that you would visit us on a Sunday morning or Wednesday evening, where we can help you navigate your questions, rekindle that fire, and show you God’s love!

Young Families

Are you looking for a place where your children can learn about God in a safe and fun environment, and you and your spouse can get plugged in? We’ve got engaging programs designed just for them, and you!

Single Parents

Are you a single parent trying to balance work, kids, your faith, and everything on your own? We’re here to lend a hand, offer a listening ear, and provide a community that cheers you on, builds you up, and helps you disciple your children

Empty Nesters

Are your kids all grown up and you’re finding yourself wondering “what’s next?” There’s a whole community here, eager to explore new chapters with you, whether that’s through serving, discipleship, learning, or just doing life together


Recently married? Congratulations! Join other newlyweds and married couples here as you build a strong foundation for your marriage, surrounded by friends who can relate to you and encourage you

Kids & Teens

Calling all kids and teens! From the nursery, all the way through high school, there are groups and activities where you can belong, ask big questions, make core memories, and grow in your walk with Christ

College Students & Career Seekers (18 -24)

Whether you’re in the thick of exams, big decisions, or figuring out your future, there’s a place here for you to question, learn, and grow alongside peers who get it and are going through the same

Young Adults (25 - 39)

Stepping firmly into adulthood brings its own set of adventures. Whether you're balancing a growing career, nurturing your young family, or even both at the same time, this stage is filled with significant growth, challenges, and questions. Here at Starnes Cove, you’ll find others who are right there with you, navigating the joys and trials of this chapter, offering encouragement and friendship that every adult needs

Adults of All Stages

Life doesn’t get any less complicated as we age, just different! Whether you’re sailing smooth seas or facing life’s storms, there’s a group, class, or activity that fits your journey right now.

Senior Adults

Your wisdom and zest enrich our community immensely. Stay active, share your journey, and continue growing through vibrant fellowship, teaching regular outings, and service opportunities

Join the Family

What does life at Starnes Cove look like for you? It’s about community, growth, and finding where you fit in God’s story.

Sundays & Wednesdays

We father to workshop & dive into life together, welcoming everyone, especially our neighbors! Whether you're seeking a spiritual home, or just visiting, we'd love to have you!

A Place for Everyone

From the youngest, to the most seasoned among us, we've got a spot for you, filled with warmth, learning, and fellowship!

Weekday Life

Our week is filled with activities for every age & stage, from dinners that bring us together, to groups and classes that deepen our faith & connections

Your Next Chapter Starts Here

Life at Starnes Cove is full of opportunities to connect, grow, and serve, no matter your age or life stage. We’re a family eager to embrace you, share life’s journey, and grow together in faith. From our Sunday gatherings to midweek meet-ups, there’s always something happening, and there’s always room for one more. We can’t wait to welcome you home.

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